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Yoni Deluxe Care Kit

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Sometimes you just need to detox your life and your pum pum! Rejuvenate your feminine center with our deluxe set.

(2) 3-3.5oz Yoni Detox Soap
(1) Oh My Yoni Oil
(1) Yoni Steam Blend
(1) 3"-4” Sage OR Rose Sage Stick

How to Use:

Run a warm bath and turn on Spotify.

Wash with the Yoni Detox Bar and light some Sage to clear any bad vibes.

Complete a V-Steam or pour a handful or two of the Yoni blend into the water, and allow the essential oils to activate and release the relaxing aroma.

Relax and meditate for a while like the goddess you are.

How to Use Yoni Oil: After a bath or shower, massage a few drops of Oh My Yoni Oil on the vulva and clitoris.